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This is the web home for Teja Anand, a non-teacher (more like a friend,) pointing to something you already know, but perhaps have forgotten or feel you have misplaced. This is a radical message that may resonate deeply with some of you, anger some others, and mean nothing to many. Is it for you? Let’s find out.


We live in the Dream of Separateness.

In actuality, there are no ‘separate entities.’

There is only Being, The Whole.


This is Emptiness dreaming that it is Fullness. Nothing dreaming that it is Everything. Yet, what can appear to arise in Being, Non-duality, The Singularity, is a dream of Two, or many (duality.) This is a paradox that cannot be grasped by ‘mind, nor can we find or assign any reason or purpose for it.


We are dream-characters. And the function of the dream character is to dream in separateness as a dreamer. Since we are only temporary illusions, we have no agency or ‘doership’ to change anything, nor does anything need to change. This What Is, is already Whole, complete and immaculate.


Our function is simply to be the dreamer in a dream of separateness.


There is no actual “me“ or “you” or even “world.” It’s all just being dreamed into place, apparently, by Being. In this virtual dream-reality, the dream characters “predisposition“ is to run around as dreamers, having good times & bad times, pleasure & pain, ease & suffering, birth & death.


The false promise of ‘awakening’ or ‘getting enlightened.’


We also can never ‘awaken’ from the dream. Just like in your night-dreams, the dreamer is never the one who awakens. This, of course, appears in conflict to the dream-character’s desires or activities to try to escape the dream, i.e., awaken or ‘attain Enlightenment.’ This also appears as highly-unsatisfying to the dream character, because even though both it and it’s life are just appearances, shadows, projections of Being’s dream, part of that dream includes the feeling of its complete realism. So, the birth & death, the good times & bad times, the pleasure & suffering, feel totally real. That intrinsic, inescapable realism is an integral part of the dream. The dreamer takes all its experiences as totally real. Naturally, the dreamer would prefer only pleasure & joy, no pain or suffering. The dreamer prefers ‘knowing’ to this mystery and not knowing. The dreamer prefers eternal life to death or ending. As such, the dreamer, the Illusion, desperately attempts to live in constant worldly pleasure, or barring that, to awaken from the dream. And this constant, desperate ‘trying’ to alter its “plight” is also part of the dream.

What can happen (appear to happen) is a radical & complete collapse of the illusion, the end of the dreamer. Since there has always only been Boundless Being, nothing actually happens. Yet the dream-character can be seen through, and the energy can simply expand back into the Boundless.


This cannot be ’caused,’ by any  means.


Remember, the dream-character has no agency. And of course, the only one that would even want to ‘get liberated’ from the dream is the dreamer…not Being. Boundlessness never needs to or ‘tries’ to return to Boundlessness. So no amount of meditation or any other practices, no purifications, no scripture study, no guru worship, or any path or approach by the dream-doer, to regain that which was never lost, can cause the dreamer’s ‘awakening.’ No matter how committed and rigorously the aspirant yearns and practices.

If you’ve stuck with me this far, here’s a video that may help further clarify.

Our website has many more videos like this one, and essential written articles for

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Appreciation & Gratitude

I am incredibly grateful for Teja's wisdom. The message is clear. There is no one. There is no 'I'. There is no person. I wanted to raise my hand to ask a question. But every time I thought of a question, I already had the answer. I have no questions left.
Arvind Gupta
Being with Teja is like being with Nothing and no one. I directly experienced life deeply, as Home and everything else fell away. He's aware, fully, that there is no Teja that has any wisdom, and no wisdom to get. Just Life Life-ing. It's so simple!  Teja
Aleksandra Nikaj
I have many profound expressions of ‘Truth’ sitting on my book shelf. Teja, your deep and abiding knowing resonates in me more clearly than all these combined. Such a gift! Thank you for your effort, energy, patience, clarity, sincerity and your deep insights. You distilled a lifetime of wisdom
Grant Sachs
Dear Teja … I cannot thank you enough for helping me become aware that we are all Expressions of Life… you are filled with inspiration, love, awareness and amazing energy and you are helping us all feel One with Life.
Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 1.55.57 PM
Sweta & Sanjay Agarwal
I have no words to convey sense of happiness that i felt after Being with you. Something in me shifted., a huge shift in perspective. It turned out be mind-blowingly simple Thank you so much for everything, with a heart full of gratitude 🙏
Mani J
Thank you so much for the gift of Being! It's unbelievable. Occasionally, thoughts still appear to say ‘this is too good to be true. But after what you’ve shown us, Teja, it doesn’t matter anymore. It is what is.
Latha Mohan

Essential Videos and Articles

Providing ‘hope’ is not compassionate. The only compassion is the truth.

There is no hope, because ‘This’ is already Whole, complete & immaculate. There is nothing to attain and no one to attain it. And that message is the ultimate compassion I can show you.

The Best Explanation of Enlightenment, Ever: WHAT IS

‘Enlightenment’ is never an event that happens to a ‘person’ in ‘time.’ “Personal enlightenment” is an oxymoron. Enlightenment or What Is, is is already the natural state. Simply Be with What Is now and every moment.

The Biggest ‘Mistake’ about spiritual practices & ‘Attaining Enlightenment’

The fundamental ‘Mistake’ is starting with the belief that there really is a ‘separate “I” that wants or needs to “get enlightened.” The presumption that there is some separate ‘self’ that needs to somehow re-merge & reunify with Life.

The Folly of Enlightenment - Part 1

Seeking ‘enlightenment’ is the dream-me’s folly. Personal enlightenment is an oxymoron, because there never was a ‘person,’ separate from Wholeness, who had to ‘attain’ or ‘reunify with’ Wholeness.

Do We Need to Find A Guru or Spiritual Teacher

First ask, what, really is a guru or spiritual teacher, and “who” are “you.” Is there really a “we” that can, or needs to, get anywhere? Is there really a special ‘other’ that can bring us ‘there?

It's Too Simple!

The open secret of Life is far too simple for the mind to get. This is It!

But as the lost and ‘seeking’ dream-character, we don’t like ‘This is It.’

So we complicate matters endlessly.

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Teja Anand

At a young age, after an undeniable realization that this was the dream, and direct experience of Being, Teja worked with numerous teachers & paths, while guiding & facilitating others in their own ‘awakening’ for over 45 years. Teja is a lifelong musician, writer, counselor who offers Nothing, which allows those ready to stop seeking and celebrate This, Life which is already whole, complete and immaculate. There is nothing to attain and no one to attain it.

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