There is no self. Those whose illusion of ‘self’ has collapsed – from Buddha through Ramana and Tony Parsons – confirm there is no continuous ‘self’ in these body-minds. What does life without a self feel like, and how does one dissolve into that?

’Self’ is but an illusory temporary mechanism, useful for a particular way of knowing. It is no more or less than that “ – Bernadette Roberts

Life without a self is very amazing, and amazingly ordinary.

In our upcoming retreat, we will explore the lives & transformations of seven who “died before they died”…and had a full collapse of the ‘self’ identity. Through their stories and insights, all answers and wisdom about Life Without A Self will be revealed, and we will fully experience the illusory nature of the self and the way to live without it, with love & compassion. All are Welcome.

”Life Without A Self” Online Retreat, April 20–21
For more nformation and registration email teja@tejaanand.com

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