Private Consultation

In every awakening ‘path,’ challenges, paradoxes, confusion and just plain ‘stuck-ness’ can seem to appear, and sometimes we need the kind of guidance that only one-to-one support can provide.

Every journey is unique and no one can walk, anticipate or heal another’s path. I’s just Life Life-ing. That said, there is a remarkable stillness & unspeakable resonance that may occur when sharing with No One and Nothing. All of those apparent ‘personal’ prblems – along with the illusory identity that appears to have them – can collapse into this space of Nothing, of Being. What’s left is simply What Is., happening to no one, and often, a great mirth and a lot of laughter!

Teja is available for private consultation, in person or, preferably, through Zoom video-chat. His only calling is to support the illusory “you” realize it’s just Life Life-ing. There is no charge for this service.

Click ‘Contact Teja’ below to contact through email.

in that email, please provide Teja with the following information: Name, Age, Location, Family Situation, Career/Job Situation, and any Teachers, Paths, Teachings or Practices you have already been working with – as well as best days/times for a video chat over Zoom. Teja will reply as soon as possible.

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