Do we need to find a guru or spiritual teacher?

To get the fully honest answer to this question, we first must ask who is this “we,” and who or what is the “guru” or spiritual teacher.

in this dream of separateness (the relative level,) there appears to be separate characters, some who are more ‘spiritually advanced’ than others. At this level, there appears to be somewhere to ‘get to,’ something to ‘attain,’ and some ‘special’ dream-characters who you call teacher or ‘guru,’ that can get you there, guide you, or even bestow shaktipat for some instant transformation.

As dream–characters, it’s fine to believe in and pursue these illusions. To believe there’s a separate “you” who can get some thing you never lost from someone else who ‘has it.’ The function of the dream-character is to dream in separateness.

In reality there is no one. No separate entities. Only Being. There is nothing “you“ need to attain because there is no one to attain it. Nor any ‘special‘ more-advanced “someone” you ever need, to help ‘no one’ attain it.

All such pursuances and hierarchies of ‘advancement’ ‘teacher’ and ‘student’ are only in the dream.

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