So Incredibly Simple

So Incredibly simple   It’s so incredibly simple.   This is it!   There is nothing to attain and no one to attain it Since  we are dream-characters, functioning in & as the dream of separateness, this answer is unsatisfying to the dreamer.   Dreaming in ‘separateness’ includes all the feelings & sensations that go

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Do we need to find a guru or spiritual teacher?

To get the fully honest answer to this question, we first must ask who is this “we,” and who or what is the “guru” or spiritual teacher. in this dream of separateness (the relative level,) there appears to be separate characters, some who are more ‘spiritually advanced’ than others. At this level, there appears to

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The Folly of Enlightenment – Part 1

So, a funny thing happened” back in 2019 when the book Watching Your Life came through, I made a promise to all of myfrends that I would work on a new book called The “Folly of Enlightenment,” which would be out within a year or so. And then I discovered that the ‘folly’ that is

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The Ocean Analogy – There Is No “Separate” Life

The Ocean Analogy – There Is No “Separate” Life We humans are 2 things. We are The Divine, one with Pure Awareness, The Absolute Reality, literally not separate from That. And we are unique, individual beings who experience themselves as separate from and different from everything outside ourselves – rocks, trees, other beings, and even God.

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How We Awaken

OK, so you’ve read the home-page post To Awaken and perhaps other awakening information, and it resonates with you. You get it! You’ve seen the non-existing writing on the illusion of a wall, understood the Truth of non-dual Creation, so now you want to awaken. “Sign me up! Where do I start?” Ahh, yes, the how to, the “technique.” Before

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