The Truth About Awakening

For all who have Awakened to their True Nature, or are on a path to Awakening, it is essential to embrace these 3 truths: ‘you’ can never Awaken ‘your’ Awakening or spreading of Awakening to others is not needed It does not matter whether or not you Awaken At the relative or illusory level (unless we are experiencing

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What’s Awakening Worth? Nothing.

The Value of Being On The Path To Awakening What is the value of: – being interested in spiritual awakening; – becoming interested in penetrating the true ultimate Reality behind all illusions and lives; – studying, learning and inquiring into the nature of that Reality; – doing practices that may supposedly lead to directly experiencing

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Ahh, Death. The Big Endo. La Muerte. Annhilation, Cessation, Darkness and Demise. The Grim Reaper. Death is no big deal. That may sound provocative. As humans, we are sooo fascinated by death. It’s the thing we fear most, try to avoid most, and the thing we feel the most devastated by, if we find out

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When You Cease Believing Your Thoughts

One of the most potent practices to quickly advance your Awakened perception is to watch every thought that comes by in your mind and say, “That’s just a thought, I don’t believe it” As we’ve discussed earlier, thoughts can seem the most tricky impediment to waking up, because we have so many of them and they seem

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Teachers, Teachings & The Desire For Awakening

When you think about it, it’s kind of odd that anyone looks to a teacher, teaching, messiah or scripture to tell them how to win at life, or live correctly, or awaken to an enlightened state or radical identity shift. There’s no commandment that says Earth needs to be a place where natural humans have to learn to

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With all this guidance about inquiry, meditation, and non-dual wisdom, a question that often arises is, where does love fit into all this? How about a Path of Love? Great question! When will you know you have awakened? When all you see, in this world, and the next, and everywhere you turn, is love. Because,

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