So Incredibly Simple

So Incredibly simple


It’s so incredibly simple.


This is it!


There is nothing to attain and no one to attain it

Since  we are dream-characters, functioning in & as the dream of separateness, this answer is unsatisfying to the dreamer.


Dreaming in ‘separateness’ includes all the feelings & sensations that go along with being convinced you are a separate entity – an innate sense of loss or abandonment, an aimless uncertainty about your purpose and direction, and a constant chasing some happiness or spiritual ‘unity’ “you” never seem to reach or fulfill. So the dream “me” looks for ways to fill this constant feeling of restlessness, discontent and fear. If material abundance or sense gratification doesn’t fulfill it, “we” turn to ‘spiritual’ pursuits & paths.


All of those pursuits – yes, even those that appear as ancient, revered spiritual paths or noble pursuits of selflessness & compassion, are still pursuits in the dream.


That’s it!


And  it’s merely the dream of separation. In reality, there are no separate entities. Only The One or Being. There’s nothing to accomplish or attain, because there is no separate ones to do that. There’s nowhere to ‘get to,’ because there’s only This Everything. Where would “you go outside of It. There’s nothing to find because nothing has ever been lost. There’s no need to reconnect or re-unify with Source or Being, because there has never been an ‘individual entity’ that got ‘broken-off’ or separated from That.


Beyond the noisy, restless mind, when You are simply Being with This, with What Is, your are home. You are free. 

It’s that simple. Telling the dream-mind that This is it and there’s nothing to do but Be with What Is totally confounds it. It’s too close, too simple, too obvious. So mind cannot see it. Thus, the mind of the apparent ‘separate dreamer’ becomes the seeker, and in seeking That which the dream-character can never awaken to, it makes it so confoundingly complicated. 


The illusory dream-self can never get this, because “you” are there looking for it.


But You can. And you know it really is that simple. 


This is it! 

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